RFE Grant Overview

The Rye Fund for Education is committed to enriching the learning experiences of Rye City School District students. Aligning with the Rye Commitment, we aim to ensure that our students have the opportunities and skills necessary to succeed in college and to become global citizens.  We believe every student should have the opportunity to become a scholar, an athlete, an artist and a citizen of the world.  We seek to enhance the quality of public education in our community by engaging the support and collaboration of students, educators, parents, alumni and citizens. 

Rye Fund for Education will fund grants that:

  • Foster innovation in teaching practices and/or student learning that strengthens the curriculum to create an enriching educational experience. 
  • Support professional development of faculty members and to enhance the educational resources available to them.
  • Provide financial assistance for school facilities improvements and/or upgrades.
  • Utilize technology, special equipment, materials, and/or resources
  • Support the exploration of pilot programs 

Types of Grants

Rye City School District teachers and administrators have the ability to apply for funding from Rye Fund for Education. RFE offers two grant pathways to support our schools.


The first pathway is the Insta-Grants. This is used to fund innovative ideas costing $2,500 or less and which do not require significant implementation support from RCSD.

Traditional Grant

The second pathway is the Traditional Grant. This funds innovative ideas in excess of $2,500 or which require significant district support to implement.

The application process is the same for both pathways, however it is the instagrant pathway in which RFE can offer a timeline in which a project can be implemented for immediate student impact. Please refer to the steps below for the application process, and review the timetable for Insta-Grants.

Step by Step Application Process

Step 1: Discuss and collaborate with your building representative to share the grant proposal and receive approval to submit the grant. 

Step 2: Contact Gabriella Perruccio, Assistant Superintendent for Business, at the district business office to review your proposal and receive a quote from an approved vendor. This quote must be uploaded with your application.

Step 3: Fill out RFE grant application below. After grant submission, RFE may be in contact with any questions or additional information needed. Timeline of implementations varies, depending on the scope of your proposal. For Insta-Grant applications, you will receive notice of the status of your proposal within 1 week after the scheduled RFE board meeting. Any questions, please reach out to RFEgrants@gmail.com.

Application Deadlines

Traditional Grants: January 16th, 2024

Insta-Grant: October 27, 2023 – February 5, 2024 – April 16, 2024

RFE School Liaisons

MidlandMichelle KramerMichelleKramer23@gmail.com
Bhumi ZaverBhumiz@gmail.com
Ellie KimEleanoreKim@gmail.com
MiltonKatie ReddyKatieOneal03@gmail.com
OsbornClaudine HanleyClaudine.Hanley@gmail.com
RHSJen ShirreffsJenniferShirreffs@gmail.com
Rosana ColliniatesRosana.Pelosi@gmail.com
RMSSarah McGillSarah.G.McGill@gmail.com